Hello Wednesday!


I’m getting better at this ootd + selfie thing! Next time I promise I will try to smile too! ;) You can almost see my new haircut under the beanie but I promise I will take one real to show you. It’s just that I think the hair looks better after a wash so I […]

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Decorating the tree


Hi again! I just put the kids to bed and a good movie + biscuits + tea is waiting for me but I just wanted to post the photos from yesterday when we did the tree first! I do want to warn you, this is a real photo heavy post, I want to look back on […]

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Early morning stroll


Good morning! On the way posting a letter yesterday we passed the blue door that is in front of the post office in our village, it’s almost the same color as Viggo’s jacket so we stopped for a photo + a baby bump pic! I don’t tend to take as many as I wanted so I […]

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